Windows 10 Versions – Which Is Best?

People are so comfortable with the older Windows Operating System that they ignore updating it. Some think that updates can be costly but in reality, they are putting their business at risk of hacking and malware attack, which can turn out to be more expensive. 

According to a survey, SMBs using outdated Windows OS were experiencing 54% losses in comparison to their competitors adapting current versions. Microsoft has stopped supporting lower versions, so the repair can be double for an OS older than 4 years. 

Good reasons to update to Windows 10

  • Universality – MS products are compatible with any kind of software available, so the transition is seamless. If your business runs on MS then a changeover to an upgraded operating system will facilitate reaping the benefits from features customized for different needs.
  • Improved UI – Intuitive features like Cortana [digital voice assistant], are integrated. Action Center is responsible to organize every notification in a single place making it simple for the user to find.  
  • Better collaborative capabilities – Windows 10 offers enhanced collaborative capabilities due to migration to cloud-based apps. Apps like OneDrive and Sharepoint are integrated with a new OS. It helps SMBs to gain access and share data safely from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Better security – The in-built security features of Windows 10 has been improved to complement the antivirus software and better protection. New security features include Windows defender, Windows Hello, Device Guard, and Secure Boot. On Windows Pro & Enterprise there are extra security features available. 

Windows 10 offers three different versions.


  1. Home – It is basic but loaded with new features like a refurbished Start Menu, which was missed in Windows 8. Cortana which was exclusive to Windows phones is integrated for a better search experience. There are new security upgrades like a microchip, Trusted Platform Module, MS passport, and biometric login feature. Snap assist feature allows seeing 4 apps at the same time on the screen. 
  2. Pro – Pro includes all features of the Home version but has some extras like Assigned Access 8.1 and Bitlocker. The former allows preventing access to certain apps, while the latter allows you to encrypt the external flash drives. Hyper-V tool is an inbuilt virtual solution that facilitates smooth connectivity. Group Policy management helps users to edit the group policy settings, while Domain Join allows them to connect securely to the work domain from remote locations. 
  3. Enterprise – Edition has more sophisticated features like secure intranet connectivity, lockdown devices, as well as domain-based credential protection. It is an ideal version for companies that need a more solid and secure operating system that is compatible with their current security solution. 

On the computer repair blog, you can learn about the ins and outs of each version in detail. It will help to determine the version suitable for your business needs. 

Which Windows 10 version is better?

The best Windows 10 version is the one that suits your business need. Home OS is good for average users. Pro has advanced inbuilt security measures and rich features that suit small business needs. Some businesses need more tight security, so they can go for Enterprise and fulfill their demands.