Top advantages of engaging a licensed customs broker for importing! 

Importing goods into the US for commercial purposes may not be as easy as it seems on paper. All imports and exports are regulated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and to get the goods into the country, stringent regulatory and compliance requirements must be adhered to. Let’s start by saying that hiring a customs broker is not mandatory by law. However, majority of commercial importers find it easy to work with one, because it eases their task of navigating import requirements. The right customs broker, such as, can work with importers extensively and ensure that clients get the support that they need. Here are some solid advantages of working with a licensed customs broker.

  1. Get consultancy services. Do you want to expand to a new market? Are you trying to increase operations across major ports in the US? Your licensed customs broker can guide you at every step. In fact, many brokers have customs consulting services for clients, so that they understanding the world of imports better. 
  2. Get your goods cleared, easily. One of the key roles of a customs broker is to clear goods at the port of entry by ensuring compliance to requirements and norms set by the CBP. Your customs broker will work aggressively and ensure that the documentation is done right, so that there are no unwanted delays. 
  3. Get genuine advice. As an importer, you would like to focus on the business, rather than handling the statutory requirements and regulatory norms. From getting advice on how to get goods across the border, to customs audit and bookkeeping, your customs broker will help at every step. 
  4. Get quick service. Most customs brokers have an automated system to work with US Customs for clearance of goods. You can have an account, which allows you to check all details and keep your importing expenses and costs in check. The right broker will also ensure that you get new and regular updates on compliance.  
  5. Get tailored assistance. Every importing business is unique, and so are their importing concerns and requirements. A customs broker can become an existing part of your business, helping with orders and addressing concerns related to inventory and further importing. 

All customs brokers are licensed and regulated by the CBP, but finding the right service is important. Choose a licensed customs broker that has worked in your niche and knows your importing requirements in depth.