Few Top Places to Drive Your Motorcycle


The landscape of America offers a diverse landscape and is considered to be the best place in the world particularly for motorcycle adventure enthusiasts. Since the riding season is coming soon, we would like to discuss a few best riding spots where an adventure motorcyclist may travel to.

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The following are a few top places to drive your motorcycle:

  • Pacific Coast Highway in California

This scenic roadway is a unique section of the coastal highway of California and offers you a smorgasbord of treats e.g. towering redwood forests, crashing surf, seal-dotted beaches, and sufficient curves to keep you fully contented end to end. 

  • Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado

Although it is just 60 miles long, however, this ride will combine sensational twisters with a few of the finest scenery. You will marvel at the dazzling Rocky Mountain vistas while cresting the Continental Divide via the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina 

Every serious motorcyclist will love to drive on this iconic mountain route. The northern section, which is in Virginia will pass Civil War battle sites and through the bucolic countryside.

  • Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee and North Carolina  

All the touring enthusiasts as well as sport-bike riders will just make a beeline to get a chance to drive for this road and test their maneuvering skills here. Luckily, no trucks will be allowed here.

  • Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming

This Beartooth Highway is a 68-mile stretch of the U.S. Highway 212, which is the right definition of what any great bike ride actually should be, with more than dozens of switchbacks and hairpins.

  • Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana

This remote place is only accessible in summer, and this epic stretch of 50-mile is a holy grail meant for all serious riders. Its up-and-down thriller has more twists and turns in comparison to any soap opera drama.

  • Coastal Route One in Maine

Here you can smell on the wind the crustaceans while riding the coastal section of this U.S. Route 1 of Maine from Brunswick to Machias, which is a quintessential New England experience.

  • Grand Staircase in Utah

Any geologists will simply delight in this Scenic Byway 12, which will offer 124 miles of eroded scenery full of sensation as it will snake through Capitol Reef National Parks, Bryce Canyon, and the well-known Forest State Park.

  • Natchez Trace Parkway in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi

The motorcycle ride here is steeped in the yesteryear mementos that includes ghost towns, Civil War battle sites, and segments of a few original Natchez Trace of Indian Trail.

  • River Road in Texas

All motorcycle riders will love its 17-mile off-road loop that passes through Valley of the Gods, which is the highlight of the smooth pavement of Highway that is between Candelaria and Texas.