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"I'm so glad I found Scott when I was looking to grow my business. I've been running my online business for about 2 years and I had to learn by myself. Doing it that way took SO long. I wish i had known about Scott before and learned from his knowledge. It would have saved me a lot money and time.'s never too late to start and Now I'm taking every advice he shares in this book, podcast and in his program. My results are amazing! God bless you Scott and your family!"
- Jennifer
Here's What You'll Get:
  • A breakdown of why the OLD SYSTEM of selling on Amazon is BROKEN and what we’ve done to FIX IT and make it work FOR YOU. (Page 7) 
  • ​​How to select the right NICHE MARKET and use a PROVEN Validation process to increase the chances for growth and success (Page 13)
  •  The EXACT method we’ve used FOR YEARS to find the BEST products to launch our new brands and get sales FAST on Amazon. (Page 27)
  •  A breakdown of how to source your products from overseas - PLUS our templates to make contacting suppliers EVEN EASIER. (Page 33)
  • How to build an email list (FAST) of potential buyers that you can reach out to as soon as your product goes LIVE on Amazon to generate early sales. Most are not using this strategy. (Page 39)
  • ​Our TESTED AND OPTIMIZED product launch strategy that has allowed us to get our products ranked HIGH on Amazon and GET SALES...FAST! (Page 43)
  • The BEST WAYS to diversify your revenue to make your new brand FUTURE-PROOF and more money (Page 48)
"If you are considering or have an Amazon business -save yourself time and money with this. I have been listening to Scott Voelkers podcast for months and this book gives you so much great info to get your business up and running or to the next level."
- Kelly
Don't just take our word on it - check out what our readers say!
Copyright @ 2019 The Amazing Seller - All Rights Reserved
Don't just take our word on it - check out what our readers say!
Copyright @ 2018 The Amazing Seller - All Rights Reserved
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