How to start a power washing business for less than $1000

Here we discuss how you can start a power cleaning business for minimum cost ant here are the steps.

  • Licensing and insurance

You need to go to your local city court and ask for a business license in which they will prompt you to fill the paperwork. Check if you need any specific business permits in order to start a power washing company. Then, thereafter, look for an insurance quote for your business. A quote which will be favourable to you. You can either go with a local insurance provider or shop ither online insurance providers.

  • Equipment

Look for a pressure washer and this maybe from as low as $250 to $500. The recommended pressure washer for beginner is from2.5 to 4 GPM, 2500 to 4000 psi. The misconception here is that the higher the pressure the better the washer since pressure is not used to clean the surfaces but is used to control water pressure.

  • Chemicals

The chemicals needed are: 

  1. bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite or SH) and is usually mixed with water. Percentage range based upon surface you are cleaning.
  2. Surfactant or Soap (Allows the bleach to stick to the surfaces you are applying to it to).
  3. Oil stain
  4. Rust stain
  5. Oxidation
  6. Gutter stains
  • Marketing

Use Facebook ads when marketing your business in the online market. It is the easiest way to get market and retarget your market for related services you offer. You can also use flyers, that is give away flyers highlighting the services you do offer in your company. You can also use yard signs with visible company names and your phone number and visible website if available. You can explore any other app for marketing as long as it gives you the results you want. For starters, you can use door knocking or even a word of mouth.

  • Quoting

There are 2 ways to quote. They include:

  1. Quote based upon square footage of home or driveway. Look up industry standards for square footage pricing for pressure washing in your area.
  2. Quote based off of time. Like for instance you take time taken to do the job then you multiply by your rate of hourly. But note that, there is no one way is the right way, there is no such thing as a perfect quote.

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