Can I Trade Netherlands Stocks as A Foreigner? 

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Perceived as the gateway to Europe, the Netherlands is a European giant as far as wealth goes. It’s no surprise then that the country does not struggle to attract investors from all over the world. 

Here is what it takes to have a piece of the Netherlands’ wealth as a foreign investor and what you can focus on to realize gains on your investments.


How to Invest in The Netherlands asa Foreigner

The Netherlands has one of the highest foreign direct investor numbers in Europe and the world. According to data, the Netherlands has a 3.93 per cent FDI to GDP ratio, which puts its way up there compared to other European countries. It shows that the country is quite open to foreign investors, and anyone, including you, can tap into its wealth. 


The Netherlands has made it easy for foreign investors like you to access its economy in various ways, including a technologically advanced investment marketplace, investor-friendly taxes, one of the best financial sectors in the world, and a relatively stable political environment. 


The Easiest way to get into the Dutch economy as an investor is by opening a trading account with an approved online brokerage or trading account provider. Through this account, you can start your Holland investment journey if you buy NL stocks online.  


The country’s leading stock exchange – the Amsterdam Stock Exchange- also known as Euronext, has made it easy for foreign investors to tap into Holland’s economy. Through its advanced digital platform, the AMS allows online brokerages access to local publicly listed company stocks. What’s more, having access to Euronext also gives you access to regional markets giving you more investment options.


The Netherlands is home to some of the top regional and internal conglomerates. As you may already know, its financial sector is one of the most coveted in the region and the world, attracting globally recognized high-net-worth individuals and companies who bank in the country. This, and other attractive aspects of the Dutch economy, making it one of the most vibrant investment destinations in Europe. 


What Are the Top Investment Options in The Netherlands?

There are several attractive investment opportunities in the Netherlands for you to consider. For online investors, the best option could be to tap into the Dutch stock market. Several top local and international companies with good balance sheets and a solid track record of growth and dividend yield are listed in the AMS. 


Most investors looking at the Dutch stock market would gravitate towards financial sector equities, but Holland has so much more to offer. For instance, the country has a solid tech and manufacturing industry with companies with sales across the globe. Being a relatively stable economy with attractive taxes, the Netherlands is also home to several international holding companies listed in the local exchanges.


Apart from traditional company stock trading, foreign investors also access other investment options through a Euronext-approved online broker. You can choose to trade Dutch financial derivatives, ETFs, commodities, funds, FX, fixed income securities, and much more. 


Those who prefer a more hands-on approach can choose to purchase property or, better yet, open a company in the Netherlands. The country ranks highly in the ease of doing business index both regionally and internationally, and investors looking to set up shop in the country are welcomed. Several international conglomerates in Europe are registered and have headquarters in Amsterdam. 


Sadly, the Netherlands does not have a citizenship-by-investment program. However, those interested in becoming citizens after setting shop in the country have several options to pursue. For instance, you can apply for Dutch citizenship after five uninterrupted years of permanent residency in the country. 


 Overall, the Netherlands is a country you should seriously consider if you are looking to diversify your portfolio or need to secure your savings in a stable economy. Remember to do proper research and analysis before you invest.