3 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver in Montreal 

There’s a myth in the air that truck drivers don’t get too many work benefits. Of course, life’s tough on the road, but being behind the wheels and working as a truck driver has quite a few benefits. There are very few jobs in the world that allow you to play music and watch videos on the go. 

Comfortable clothing and not having to pay for transportation are some of the other benefits of becoming a truck driver in Montreal. 

That’s not all! We have compiled three amazing benefits of choosing a truck driving as a full-time or a part-time career. Take a quick look! 

1 A Country of ‘Great Distances’

They say that Canada is a country of ‘great distances.’ There are wonderful opportunities for long-haul truck drivers. Montreal is a metropolis in Canada and there’s always a demand for efficient truck drivers. 

In fact, you can hunt employ chauffeur camion on Hunt International for lucrative truck driver job opportunities. 

Companies in Canada have a shortage of good truck drivers, so this is your chance to shine and apply for the right posts! 

Don’t forget that thousands of shipments need to reach the final destination and labor shortage is a major concern. 

2 Immigrants are Welcome to Join 

The Canadian government has lifted stringent restrictions for newcomers and immigrants. 

Immigrants can apply for truck driving jobs in Montreal, Canada. In fact, there are many more cities where one can apply for a truck driver job. 

Licenses and special permits are required. What you have to make sure is that the vehicle is well-maintained. A pre-inspection would help in this scenario. 

3 Bonuses by the Mile 

The trucking sector in Canada has one of the oldest workforces. The Canadian Trucking Alliance has also mentioned that the average age of truck drivers in Canada is 47. 

Age is just a number in the trucking business. 

A 12-hour shift, 14-15 days on the road, and a three-day off in between – it sounds like a dream job. Not yet, mate! 

The average salary of a truck driver in Canada is between $55,000 to $65000. Moreover, they get bonuses ‘by the mile.’ 

Overall, it’s a lucrative job opportunity for newcomers, immigrants, and even the inhabitants of Montreal or any other city in Canada. 

What’s stopping you from signing up for it? 

Trusted job portals such as Hunt International lists trucking job opportunities every single day. You can find a contractual job on their official website and start applying today! 

Don’t forget that a truck driver gets to enjoy the scenic views along the way. It’s a tough job – but nothing comes easy. We can’t pinpoint a single job that isn’t tough.